Simplifying subscriptions

Eshtu manages your subscriptions using a simple to 
use mobile app. so that you don't need to worry about 
calculating bills every month. 

For businesses

One  view for your bills.

eshtu tracks all your bills in one place, So that you don't refer a pile of documents.

Mark a payment in just a click

Mark a customer payment in just one click, What more even customer can confirm that he paid the bill

your subscription your plan

Isnt it wonderful when you can choose your schedule? Eshtu helps you to customise the collection/generation of your bills, as per your convenience, 

For customers

Find businesses local to you 
Website Design

Eshtu is a one place stop for all your local business needs, Whats best you can choose the provider from your own locality using eshtu's explore biller feature.

No More additions

Want to know how much is the bill for this moment, well we had the same problem and thats how eshtu is born. One view for all your bills.

Track your spending.
Creating Your Brand

With Eshtu's advanced graphical explanation for your bill you can track the expense. Without scanning through your bills.

Automatic subscription notifications 

You don't need to track the billing and billing notifications anymore Eshtu does this for you with our automated subscription tracking feature.

  • Automatic subscription renewal notifications.
  • Automatic subscription approval notifcations
  • Automatic bill notifications
  • Intutive subscription notifications for all the other events.


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